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September 11, 2013
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RD - Tameyoshi Daisuke by HardOtakuVivver RD - Tameyoshi Daisuke by HardOtakuVivver
Dai-chan is my first doubt and rp character :la:

Translated by ~deaxx
Story by me~, and ~sonkahalx3

(Fullbody pic:

Name: Daisuke Tameyoshi

Nickname: Dai-chan

Age: 17

Birthday: 16th of January (capricorn)

Sex: Male

Height: 179 cm | 5'11

Weapon: club

Opinion On What Is Happening: First he was really scared, because he didn't know where he was, who were around him, but as the story goes on, he becomes braver, and pulls himself together.

- His dad (Kazuki)
- His mom (Saori)
- Half-blood brother and sister (Kenjiro, Kiyoko)
- stepmother
- foster father

shy | smart | caring | kind | rancorous

His physical strength is weak, he is not good at doing sports. He is very good at studying, he wants to learn almost everything. He easily understands every games, and stuffs. In his family, he only loves his father. If anyone hurts his beloved ones [his family or/and his friends], he won’t forgive easily. He also always tries to help his family or/and his friends, in case of this.
He often tries to make friends, but doesn't succeeds, because of his shyness. Despite this, he [somehow] manages to find some friends.
He is conscious, he always thinks before acting.

What he likes and hates:

He likes:
- reading
- mangas
- golf
- learning
- video games
- animals
- sweets

He hates:
- doing sports
- alcohol
- conflicts
- animal abuse
- liars


He is a rich family's only child, his father really loves him. Unfortunately his father [Kazuki] is rarely at home because of his job as a soldier. When Kazuki is not at home, Daiki usually stays in the house with his stepmother.
First, his father wanted Daiki to become a soldier, just like him, but then he realised that his son lacks in sports and not strong enough to become a soldier, so he gave up, and started to teach his son how to think logically. Thus, Daiki is able to realise people's techniques, their ways of thinking, and able to win without using force. Apart from teaching, his father often plays golf with him.
Daiki doesn't really get along with his mother. He has to go to her mother's place every second weeks, and stay there for a week, because that was his parents' decision after their divorce. He doesn't like staying at her mother's place, because of his mother's behaviour. She is really bossy and often tells him orders which he has to fulfil. His half-blood brother and sister act like just the same as his mother, following her example. However, when his mother is not around, they become nice and friendly.
The reason for this is that Saori [his mother] told her new family that her ex-husband often cheated on her and hurt her, which is not true. Daiki and his father don't know about this lie. The truth is that SHE was the one who cheated on her pair.
That time, arguments were everyday routines, Daiki's parents were arguing almost every day. These arguments have left a deep scar in his soul.

One day, Daiki were heading home after school, when he realised that he got an sms from an anonymous person. He were a little scared, but opened the message. Suddenly, a scary rabbit appeared, telling him that this is a game or what. He had two options, yes or no. he didn’t really know what was going on, but he remembered her mum, who was always laughing on him because of his weakness, and lack in sports. Because of these thoughts and memories, in the end, he choose yes.
When he arrived home, he started to do everything he had to, as usual. Later he went to sleep.
The next day, he woke up and realised that he is at a cold, dark place. He didn’t know where he was, or how did he got there. He couldn’t really think of anything logical, he remembered that he were wearing his pyjamas, and now… he is wearing his everyday clothes. Maybe he just fell asleep in his everyday clothes. That may happened. After all, it has already happened now and then at home… But he is not at home right now.
After the first shock, he saw a light coming from somewhere – it was his phone. On the screen, there were scary red eyes, and a message, telling him, that the game has started.
All of a sudden, questions had started to fill his head… ”What is this place?” ”Why did they choose me?” ”And what is this game this person [or what] is talking about?”
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